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Der Logo-Design Prozess als Zeitraffer-Video

Ein sehr interessantes Video zum Logo-Design-Prozess gibt es von mmagic.net.

Zeichnen + scannen + und schliesslich das Design mit vielen Varianten in Adobe Illustrator.

Der Autor schreibt zum Video :

“I filmed myself from start to finish, the process of designing a logo and time lapsed the whole thing for your viewing pleasure! :)

The Logo:
The brief required me to design a logo for “Saniware” a company which specializes in sanitary wares and bathroom toilet fixtures.
It was essential for the logo to have a distinct logo mark. This mark must be modern, fresh, uncomplicated, bold, positive, and best of all elegant. It also must express modernism, design, high quality and eco-friendliness.

I hope you enjoy!

Mason Roberts”


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